Powering Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills

Powering Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills

“CodeBrave is really making a difference”

(Joseph, 18)

We are a tech education charity. We combine STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with educational psychology-based teaching techniques. Our students are 12-18 year olds from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon. We are funded by our social enterprise and our donors.

Our impact so far.

Hours Of Student Learning
The total amount of hours students have collectively spent learning in CodeBrave classes
Students Aged 7-21 Gained Coding, Robotics & Digital Skills
Of Students Were Young Women And Girls

Our Story

In 2018, CodeBrave’s co-founders, Clem and Steven, were volunteering at a shelter for homeless youth in Lebanon. Many of these young people ended up back on the streets when they left the shelter, becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty and exploitation.

When one of the boys asked to learn coding, it sparked an idea. Steven and Clem realised that tech education could give these young people the skills, confidence, and opportunities to access jobs of the future. They set up coding and robotics classes in the shelter – and the students loved it!

CodeBrave now works to create a love of learning and improve future job prospects among children in Lebanon by providing high-quality tech education at schools and shelters. So far, more than 1,350 children have joined our programme.

CodeBrave's 2021 Impact Report

We believe in the potential of every child.

We train children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon for jobs of the future based on in-demand skills. This enables them to take advantage of the growing Middle East tech sector and opens up access to the international online job market.

We mainly work with Lebanese children and youth and many of our students come from traumatic backgrounds of conflict, abuse or poverty. We are leading thinking on integrating STEM education with trauma psychology.

Our Projects

SuperCoder at Tahaddi
CodeBrave at Tahaddi Non Formal Education Centre in Beirut

We teach at Tahaddi, a non formal education centre in Beirut, around 50 students aged 11-14 our Junior Coder course twice per week.

CodeBrave at Dar El Awlad
CodeBrave at Dar El Awlad in Beit Meri

We started at Dar El Awlad teaching 50 kids coping mechanisms to take care of their physical and mental health in October 2021.

CodeBrave at Makassed Beirut
CodeBrave at Makassed School in Beirut

In our Beirut centre, 431 students aged 11-14 years are learning coding and robotics through our Foundational STEM curriculum.

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Our Team

Meet the incredible team behind the hard work at CodeBrave. Our commitment and passion for our mission drive us forward to offer the best tech education for the children and young people we work with in Lebanon. Our team prioritises the welfare of our students and ensures a safe and positive learning environment to help them prepare for the future.

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