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Powering Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills

Powering Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills

“Every part of code makes me feel like I achieved something. I create whatever I imagine so that’s something I really enjoy in coding. The sky’s the limit.” – Alaa, 19

CodeBrave is a non-profit working to give young people in Lebanon the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. They do this using the most powerful skills available: coding, robotics and AI. All our teachers are trained in educational psychology. We are funded by our donors and our social enterprise CodeBrave Tutors – “one of MENA’s top 5 startups” – WIRED.

Our impact so far.

Students Aged 7-21 Gained Coding, Robotics & Digital Skills
Hours Of Student Learning
The total amount of hours students have collectively spent learning in CodeBrave classes
Of Our Students Were Young Women And Girls

Our Story

In 2018, Khalil, a 15-year-old living at a homeless shelter, asked the volunteers there to teach him coding. Other kids from the shelter usually ended up back on the streets and got trapped in a cycle of poverty and exploitation. Khalil wanted a different life.

The volunteers responded by setting up coding and robotics classes, where Khalil and others thrived. They built self-driving car robots, coded Ghostbusters video games, and programmed lights to mirror their silhouettes. They also learnt problem-solving, critical thinking, digital resourcefulness, and creativity.

Tech education goes beyond coding; it re-engages young minds like Khalil, building confidence and problem-solving abilities using technology. The most significant impact was on Khalil’s sense of agency. “Other kids in the shelter spent all this time and energy trying to fix the past. Me, I don’t want to fix anything. You can’t fix it. It’s broken. But I can make my future.”

CodeBrave's 2021 Impact Report

We believe in the potential of every child.

We upskill youth from under-served communities for jobs of the future based on in-demand skills, principally problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptability, creativity and digital resourceful. We do this by teaching coding, robotics and AI. This gives youth the tools and agency to break out of the opportunities normally available in their communities and lift themselves out of poverty.

Many of our students come from backgrounds of conflict, toxic stress or poverty which affects children’s ability to learn. We are leaders in integrating tech education with trauma psychology and educational psychology.

Our Projects

CodeBrave with World Vision at Southern Lebanon Shelters
CodeBrave with World Vision at Southern Lebanon shelters

CodeBrave, with World Vision Funding, delivered coding and robotics classes to displaced children and youth in Southern Lebanon.

CodeBrave in Sour: Robotics and Website Development Bootcamps
CodeBrave in Sour: Robotics and Web Development Bootcamps

The Coding Bootcamp in Sour this summer, a partnership between CodeBrave, LFPA and the Malala Fund, aimed to equip 100 students aged 12-18 with essential 21st-century digital skills and build towards their future job prospects.

Power Lebanon’s next generation with tech
CodeBrave at Tahaddi Non Formal Education Centre in Beirut

We teach at Tahaddi, a non formal education centre in Beirut, around 50 students aged 11-14 our Junior Coder course twice per week.

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Our Team

Meet the incredible team behind the hard work at CodeBrave. Our commitment and passion for our mission drive us forward to offer the best tech education for the children and young people we work with in Lebanon. Our team prioritises the welfare of our students and ensures a safe and positive learning environment to help them prepare for the future.

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