Alaa gets a tech internship before even finishing our programme

Alaa’s Journey

Published on 16/05/2024

Alaa gets a tech internship before even finishing our programme

Alaa, a CodeBrave studentLast year, Alaa had almost given up on his dream of going to university. His family had been struggling to make ends meet for the past 4 years, especially since his sister was ill and needed costly surgeries and treatments. To help, Alaa had been working alongside his father as a builder after school since he was 14.
In his final year of studies, he moved to a free school to help his family save more. He failed his senior year and had to retake it. But despite that, Alaa stayed positive: “It was a good experience. I learned that nothing should feel like the end of the world.”

Alaa continues studying with CodeBrave

Alaa desperately wanted to specialise in Artificial Intelligence but couldn’t afford university tuition. So he put his education on hold, a seemingly unusual choice. Amid Lebanon’s crisis, students started choosing any free major, ignoring job market demands and personal interests. Imagine the missed opportunities and untapped potential!

But Alaa refused to stay idle. He took up a job at a mobile store in addition to helping his father. And he didn’t want to stop learning.

Alaa heard about us at school and joined a session with his friend Imad, a CodeBrave student.”I was amazed with how students worked together. You only know these projects’ worth when you move from the education market to the job market. Operations, communication skills, group work are all skills that we need.” So he applied to CodeBrave and finally resumed his studies in November 2023. One of his earlier assignments really left a mark on him. “I was very proud. I felt like I achieved something so I started waiting for my next lessons.”

Entering the tech field

Alaa’s coding lessons also motivated him to find solutions to attend university and he did it! He started university in Spring 2024 after taking a loan from a relative and a 65% financial aid from his university.

3 months after joining CodeBrave, Alaa also got his first tech job when he walked into a library to buy a book. After speaking with the owner, he was hired to build a website for the library. “It didn’t feel like work. I did something that I enjoy and I got paid for that” He was also accepted as a LebNet scholar.

Earlier last month, OiGetIt, a US-based AI company working in fake news classification, offered Alaa a 6-month internship. His main job revolves around debugging the AI application.

Alaa inspires us to never give up on our dreams and to always believe in the power of our potential. Visit our Get Involved page for more details of how to support students like Alaa.

Have a look at his portfolio here.

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