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Our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp
Our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp

“This is not how I expected this bootcamp to be,” Maysa* told a CodeBrave teacher on the first day of our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp.

We are CodeBrave
We Are CodeBrave

CodeBrave is a non-profit that works to create lasting social change in Lebanon through tech education.

Should kids learn how to code?
Should Kids Really Learn How To Code?

We are sharing the first of two main reasons to learn how to code. In our upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about literacy in our age. Today, we discuss the brain.

From Street Seller to Tech Intern
From Street Seller To Tech Intern

Meet Joseph*, a CodeBrave superstar who went from street seller to tech intern through hard work, dedication, and tech education.

Why is Learning to Code so Important for Young Girls?
Why Is Learning To Code So Important For Young Girls?

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is #ChoosetoChallenge, a call for all of us to think about the ways we can challenge the world, make it more alert, and bring real change to our lives.


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