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Jana's Journey - a photo of Jana
Jana gets full scholarship to AUB in Computer Engineering!

Meet Jana, a brilliant 19-year-old from a small town in South Lebanon. Her hard work and dedication earned her a full scholarship to AUB in Computer Engineering.

Rawan Takes On The World
Rawan Takes On The World

Meet Rawan, a 16-year-old CodeBrave Web Dev Student from Mount Lebanon. Read how she learnt that girls can code too (!) and has now become an inspiration for girls in her community.

Ghia's Journey to Success
Ghia secures her first job as a front-end developer

Meet Ghia, a once uncertain 17-year-old facing a crumbling educational system in Lebanon. But everything changed when she started coding with us!

Summer coding bootcamps for kids in Bekaa
Students in Bekaa code rock-paper-scissors gadgets

Fun summer coding bootcamps for kids in Bekaa for 55 students from an under-resourced partner school. Read more here.

Fun Summer Coding in Beirut
Meet Sila & Ahmad from our summer coding bootcamps

Fun summer coding in Beirut with 84 students from an under-resourced partner school. Read more about our bootcamps here.

Website development for teens
Website Development for Teens

We are so impressed by Ahmad, one of our brilliant students, who is building a website for his first client as part of the work experience phase in his CodeBrave Web Dev Programme.

Top 3 benefits of STEM Education
Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education

We teach kids from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon the language of the future. Read why in our “Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education” list!

Coding builds children’s problem-solving skills and confidence
Coding Builds Problem-Solving Skills and Confidence

Coding builds problem-solving skills and confidence and here’s how! Hear it from Malak, a CodeBrave Lebanon coding student!

From playing games to building them
From playing games to building them

Meet Omran who went from playing games to building them when we started coding classes with CodeBrave

teaching girls to code
Teaching Girls To Code In Lebanon

Last week, Mira used a computer for the 1st time at a CodeBrave Lebanon event then coded a game. Read more about the event here.

Coding: Hope of a bright future
Coding: Hope of a bright future

Meet Amal, a CodeBrave Web Dev student and online entrepreneur whose coding lessons inspired her to not hope but also build a bright future

From an ordinary tech user to a passionate CodeBrave Teacher
Meet Jawad: From gamer to passionate coding teacher

From gamer to passionate coding teacher! Meet Jawad who teaches coding for kids with CodeBrave in the Bekaa Valley

CodeBrave Scholars Pilot Programme
CodeBrave Web Dev Pilot Programme

In an effort to provide talented youth with a solid foundation in Computer Science and prepare them to become better architects of their future, we created the CodeBrave Scholarship Pilot Programme in collaboration with EduPact and Ketob B Ketob.

Our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp
Our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp

“This is not how I expected this bootcamp to be,” Maysa* told a CodeBrave teacher on the first day of our 2021 Bekaa Coding Summer Bootcamp.

We are CodeBrave
We Are CodeBrave

CodeBrave is a non-profit that works to create lasting social change in Lebanon through tech education.

Should kids learn how to code?
Should Kids Really Learn How To Code?

We are sharing the first of two main reasons to learn how to code. In our upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about literacy in our age. Today, we discuss the brain.

From Street Seller to Tech Intern: CodeBrave's 2020 Impact Report
Joseph’s Journey

Meet Joseph*, a CodeBrave superstar who went from selling roses on the street to interning at a tech startup through hard work and dedication.

Why is Learning to Code so Important for Young Girls?
Why Is Learning To Code So Important For Young Girls?

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is #ChoosetoChallenge, a call for all of us to think about the ways we can challenge the world, make it more alert, and bring real change to our lives.


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