Joseph’s Journey

Joseph’s Journey To Becoming A Tech Intern

Published on 09/07/2021

From Street Seller to Tech Intern: CodeBrave's 2020 Impact Report

Meet Joseph*, a CodeBrave superstar who went from selling roses on the street as a child to interning at a tech startup through hard work and dedication.

In the above picture, Joseph was meeting his new boss, Basel, for the first time. He was also about to start a 5-month internship at Cherpa, a tech startup in Beirut.

Joseph grew up in a shelter. When he walked through this door, it changed his life, helping him overcome years of abandonment and neglect. Many of his peers from similar backgrounds are not so lucky; they are in jail or stuck in exploitative work like militias and sex work. 

Tech education gave Joseph the opportunity to take another path. He went from street seller to a tech intern. After his first month, Basel praised Joseph as “a fast learner, a super hard-worker, and very focused.”

Next time you see a child working on the street, remember—there could be a brilliant young talent inside if only they were given the opportunity, training, and care.