CodeBrave with World Vision at Southern Lebanon shelters

April 2024 – Present

CodeBrave with World Vision at Southern Lebanon shelters

“The time here goes quickly because I am happy” – Najla

Najla is an 11 year old girl from Kfarkela, a village under bombardment in the south of Lebanon. She and her family had to evacuate to the Montana shelter for displaced people for the past few months.

In the last week of May, Najla started learning to code with CodeBrave at the weeklong robotics and coding camp we delivered at the shelter. After only 3 lessons with us, she built a digital dice using a micro:bit and an ‘electric guitar’ model. 

The shelter staff told us students arrive 1 or 2 hours early because they are excited and have little else to do.

Najla and her family are amongst 91,000 people displaced by the daily clashes on Lebanon’s Southern border. Due to school closures, children there have been out of school since October. We’re helping to bridge the gap in their education in a way that gets them excited to learn and takes their mind off the conflict. 

With thanks to our funding partner World Vision, we provided fun and engaging week-long coding and robotics bootcamps to around 130 displaced children aged 11-18 at five shelters in Tyre and Nabatieh.

CodeBrave with World Vision at Southern Lebanon Shelters