CodeBrave at Dar El Awlad in Beit Meri

October 2021 – present

CodeBrave at Dar El Awlad in Beit Meri

CodeBrave implements an ongoing tech education project at Dar Al Awlad residential shelter and school in Beit Meri since 2020. We teach around 50 students aged 11-18 two coding classes per week.

One of the students recently told Hani, our main teacher there: “This is the most fascinating thing ever” as he was demonstrating how his electronic guitar made of a micro:bit microcontroller board programmed using code worked. Two of the students’ school teachers attend our classes as well, learning with the students.

In the long term, we aim that the school staff can deliver our courses independently and can use our game-based techniques to support core learning in other subjects they teach, like math and science.

Dar El Awlad is home for some of the most vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian children in the area.

CodeBrave at Dar El Awlad