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Lebanon might have dropped off the international news cycle but it’s still in DIRE NEED OF HELP. After decades of corruption, 78% of the population are now living in poverty and unemployment is on the rise.

Since October 2019:

– children are no longer continuously attending schools. With an outdated education system on the brink of collapse, they are struggling to claim their right to quality education;

– we saw how digital illiteracy exacerbates inequalities. Those without access to online education, digital skills and devices were cut off from work and learning opportunities. Many children in Lebanon don’t have digital devices and acquiring one now has become unattainable to the average family.

A digitally literate generation is essential to helping Lebanon’s economic recovery, and to build back better.

Your support can help change the lives of children and youth in Lebanon. Your support can empower Lebanon’s next generation. Please give today.

You can contribute to CodeBrave’s work by donating to CodeBrave Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales, no. 1188692.

US supporters are now able to make tax-deductible gifts to CodeBrave through Chapel & York Foundation. To donate go to and select CodeBrave Foundation as the ‘fund holder’.



  1. Allow access to education during the pandemic
  2. Break the cycle of poverty by acquiring future job skills in a collapsing economy
  3. Create real change for Lebanon

CodeBrave is a charity in Lebanon dedicated to supporting children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them access to high quality tech education. Since 2018, CodeBrave has worked to create long lasting change to ensure that every child has the best start in life, a safe place to learn, and the right skills for the future. Check out our latest impact report here.

Together, we can give children in Lebanon access to the keys of a better future. Together, we can power Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills!

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