Coding rock-paper-scissors in Bekaa

Coding rock-paper-scissors in Bekaa

Published on 13/09/2022

“We want more coding classes!”

Zeina, a CodeBrave student for 2 years

Did you like extra studying during the summer holidays? Our students in Bekaa sure do! Fifty-five CodeBrave students aged 11 to 14 joined our 3 week-long summer coding bootcamps for kids in Bekaa to learn new coding tricks, enhance their skills, and have fun. They even asked us if we could run more classes during the week once they’re back to school!

The micro:bit, the perfect tool for summer fun

“My favourite part of the bootcamp has been coding and playing with my friends. For example, the rock-paper-scissors project was so fun! When you shake the micro:bit, it chooses randomly rock, paper, or scissors.” – Jessica, a CodeBrave student for 2 years

The CodeBrave summer coding bootcamps for kids in Bekaa provided our students with a great opportunity to strengthen the knowledge they gained during the school year. They used a micro:bit to build fun games that they could play together as a group.

Students also learned the importance of teamwork and problem-solving, building necessary soft skills as well as practical skills. They immediately put them to use in class to help each other build games and overcome challenges. 

“Coding class is enhancing their problem solving skills. It also affects their critical thinking. It organises the way they are thinking. It’s lovely to see their evolution.” Fatima, a CodeBrave teacher

Coding, an everyday necessity

We believe that everyone should learn how to code to improve their future prospects, no matter what career path they end up choosing. With the instability in Lebanon, we are grateful for our community of contributors who’ve allowed us to reach these students and provide them with the tech skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. 

“I discovered coding in the [CodeBrave] class this year. It is really amazing because it is new and very useful. Not all people know about [coding]. It is important now because technology is part of our lives. We should know all about it.” – Lamis, a CodeBrave student for 2 years

CodeBrave partners with existing under-resourced institutions like the Al Marj Makassed school in Bekaa to deliver its classes. Our students there are building vocational skills early, and we encourage them to practice their skills in everyday settings. In fact, they’ve learned to apply what we teach them at school at home with their families and friends. 

 “I think that coding and technology are so good. When my parents have a problem with their phones, I now find it easy to fix it because I am learning coding in school.” Najem, a new CodeBrave student

Summer coding bootcamps for kids in Bekaa

Some of these students have been with us for almost two years. We feel great pride and joy in seeing their skills expand. They have come a long way from their first day in class. They have now built the confidence to build their own games and share their skills outside the classroom. When we asked Lamis about her favourite activity during the bootcamp, she proudly replied the rock-paper-scissors project.

“I feel proud of myself… After all [the classes], I did my own code. I finally know how I can make it alone”.

Coding class is teaching students to:

  1. see the growth of their work over time
  2. be proud of it and put it immediately to good use
  3. and aspire to achieve what they thought was impossible or nonexistent.