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Can you power up Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills? Fund free tech education so they can change their futures!

Power up Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills!

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Fund free tech education for Lebanon’s next generation

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The situation in Lebanon continues to deteriorate, but CodeBrave’s students are powering through and building life-changing tech skills to better their futures.

Meet Omar, a CodeBrave student who went from playing games to building them

 “I was really proud…I felt like I had created something big!”

Omar, a 17-year-old teen, lives with his brother in Dar Al Awlad, a shelter for children with no families to live with. His passion has always been video games, and since learning that coding was the reason behind it, he became determined to learn it. Last year, he signed up for CodeBrave’s SuperCoder classes and his dedication to video games has now advanced from playing to building them. He has even learned how to build websites using HTML and Python. “I’m pretty excited about learning website development. I want to make one for my school”.

Meet Sila, a CodeBrave Student whose coding classes with us inspired her to become a teacher

Sila - Power up Lebanon's next generation with tech education

 “Before, I used to just download games. Now, I know how they’re made! It’s very exciting because I’m making my own games. I still play with dolls so I coded it as a game.”

Sila is an 11-year-old girl who lives in South Beirut. She found out about coding only last year and has been loving it. With our Code It Create It Junior course, Sila learned how to create fun gadgets and toys using a micro:bit like a coin flipper or a pedometer. She now joins her love for dolls and her new coding skills to create her own games. It has even inspired her to want to become a teacher!

When you fund CodeBrave, you fund inclusivity for kids. You fund access to the opportunities of the digital world. You fund children building their self-esteem. You fund opportunities to reduce the brain drain. You fund life changing skills. You fund ambition to change Lebanon.

What’s happening in Lebanon?

In the last year, Lebanon has seen a devastating economic collapse and political instability continues to be unchecked. This had a drastic impact on education and employment opportunities for young people. Those from disadvantaged communities are now at even higher risk of becoming unemployed. That’s why there is a dire need to give them the skills to secure safe, decent and future-proof work. Lebanon’s next generation needs up-to-date tech skills to access the learning and work opportunities of the digital world.

What is CodeBrave doing?

“It’s coding. It’s pure fun. Each day, I’m looking forward to the next one.”

The response of 17-year-old CodeBrave Scholar Amer, when we asked him how his internship was going. CodeBrave linked Amer with an internship at Beirut tech company Decentra as part of his work experience module of the CodeBrave Scholars programme.

CodeBrave’s tech education programme is essential for Lebanon’s next generation. We deliver coding and robotics classes to children that have no access to tech education. We integrate child psychology expertise into our curriculum design, so students can develop cognitive skills, learn crucial coding concepts and build their self esteem. With these skills, our students are equipped to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world.

Last year, thanks to your support, CodeBrave achieved its goal of reaching more than 500 students from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon.

568 students trained for 7500+ hours

Thanks to last year’s fundraising, 568 students across all our projects built their tech skills.

24 exceptional CodeBrave scholars

Students aged 14-17 joined our scholarship program and received 24 hours of intensive coding tutoring over 8 weeks.

58 students introduced to STEM

Students coded for the first time during 3 STEM workshops we hosted during the year.

In 2023, we plan to equip 800 students with new tech skills.

Tahaddi girls - fund free tech education for Lebanon's next generation

Why should you give?

Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages

Job openings related to computer science and coding are projected to grow at twice the rate as all other jobs in the near future, according to

Tech education can empower young people to lift themselves out of poverty, develop businesses and access remote international jobs. At scale, tech education has the power to strengthen the Lebanese economy by increasing the efficiency and productivity of local companies, and by bringing international money into the country through remote digital work. Ultimately, we aim to reduce youth unemployment in Lebanon.

Our supporters have allowed us to reach 751 students to date. But more students in Lebanon still need this opportunity.

How can you help?

With your help, we’ll be able to scale our work and equip 800 children with life-changing tech skills in 2023.

You can give anything from £5 online. Every pound makes a huge difference so please do give, whatever the level. Help fund:

  • inclusivity: £25 could give robotics equipment for 2 children.
  • access: £100 could give a child internet access for 1 year.
  • self-esteem: £250 could give a child coding education for 1 year.
  • opportunities: £400 could give a teacher in Lebanon a salary for 1 month.
  • life skills: £1000 could give 4 children coding education for 1 year.
  • ambition: £5000 could give 20 students tech education for 1 year.

Power up Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills by donating today.

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