In early 2020, CodeBrave set out to raise £20,000 to give 60 vulnerable children in Lebanon an alternative to exploitative work through tech education. We exceeded our target and ended up including 210 new students in our programme! With your help, we now want to expand tech education even further.

Why now?

This past year has shown technology and digital literacy is needed now more than ever: for education, social interaction and employment.

Children in Lebanon are missing out on the opportunities of the digital world because they do not have access to computers or the skills to use them. The lack of digital access has had a devastating effect on young people’s prospects in a country where the pandemic, alongside a catastrophic economic crisis, has trapped 55% of the population in poverty, almost double from 2019.

Now, as these children face an even tougher future, digital literacy and access to devices has become more important than ever.

What we do

CodeBrave delivers remote digital skills, coding and robotics classes. We provide tablets and internet bundles to our students so that they can access our online classes and build the tech skills, confidence, and opportunity to access the jobs of tomorrow.

Help us raise £10,000 and give 320 children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon the opportunity to change their lives.
A student codes on a basketball court - project with GAME NGO - social change through tech education
Female students during coding class - social change through tech education

US Donors

1. Go to Chapel & York (our 501(c)3 partner)

2. Scroll down to the “Your donation” section

3. Under “Your donation”, select your donation amount

4. Under “Suggest a recipient”, select “CodeBrave Foundation”

5. Complete your details