Coding: Hope of a bright future

Coding: Hope of a bright future

Published on 16/12/2021

Meet Amal, a CodeBrave Web Dev Student and online entrepreneur

Amal in Arabic means Hope. But our Amal isn’t just hopeful of a bright future – she’s actively working on building one for herself and for her community.

Amal, one of our CodeBrave Web Dev Programme Students:

Amal is a hardworking and ambitious 17-year-old girl from Chouf, Lebanon.

Amal is determined to succeed in life: “I have multiple goals in life. All my goals are based on two purposes: the first one is to be a happy and successful person, and the second is to help as many people as I can globally.”

Amal was one of the 5 students accepted this summer in the Web Dev Programme. According to her, the Web Dev Programme “was great and amazing, and so interesting, and really one of the most amazing opportunities I had in my life”

Amal had never coded before she joined the programme. But according to her teacher, she quickly excelled! 

An entrepreneur at heart:

Far from being discouraged by the Lebanese economic crisis, Amal used her new tech skills and creativity to launch an online business with two of her cousins: “We started an online business and made an Instagram page. I am planning to build a website that can help my business, and […] help promote and add value to my products.” 

Her business, called kabakib_bracelets, sells handmade bracelets via Instagram all over Lebanon.

Tech education is power:

Amal started the Web Dev Programme with zero coding experience, but see what she has to say about coding now…

“I love coding for its way of thinking, the strategy behind it. When learning how to code,  I learned to be creative and use my creativity with critical thinking. Nowadays, coding is an essential skill to have. So I recommend coding to all youth.” 

Following her coding experience over the summer and the launch of her online business, Amal has changed her mind about her future career: “I do not wish to work a 9-5 job. I would like to do multiple things and one of them is to be a freelance programmer.”

She continues by adding: “My short-term goal is to become an expert in Python. Then, I want to learn to develop apps and build websites. Because I have a plan in the future to build an app that can help the Lebanese community.”


Tech education can empower determined and passionate young people like Amal not just to hope for a bright future in Lebanon, but to build it themselves.

We are currently raising funds to empower Lebanon’s next generation by providing them with the tech skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. 

For example, a contribution of £500 could pay for a child’s coding education for a year. Donate here.