Rawan Takes On The World

Rawan’s Story

Published on 29/08/2023

Rawan Takes on The World

From public school student to women-in-tech activist!

Rawan Takes On The World

Meet Rawan, a 16-year-old Web Dev Programme student from Mount Lebanon. Read how she learnt that girls can code too (!) and has now become an inspiration for girls in her community.

When we met Rawan at her first CodeBrave workshop, she felt like she didn’t belong in a coding class. “Media only shows successful men in tech and so few women. Tech companies seem to prefer hiring men. This overwhelmed me so much that I distanced myself from the field.”

Rawan’s fresh look at coding

When she met May, her CodeBrave teacher, at the summer coding workshop, Rawan started learning how to build her own website.

Then, she heard about our Web Dev Programme and decided to apply. “I entered the first online session, oblivious to what I was going to learn. Now, these sessions are a necessary part of my week. CodeBrave has provided me with a safe place to turn my curiosity into reality.”

Rawan told us that she learnt to embrace challenges and overcome them. She still recalls when she fixed the first bug in a code. “At that moment, I understood what logic really is. The importance of small details and of analysing problems with a creative mindset astonished me. I realised that coding can help me solve problems I had in life. I don’t code solutions to everything but the logical and creative problem-solving mindset I got from learning to code helped me a lot!”

Rawan’s work experience module involved building a website for CSRN, a real client in the UK. “Apart from coding languages and front-end development, I also enhanced my research and time management skills.”

Rawan Takes On The World

Rawan wanted to set up web development classes for 40 students at her school (mainly girls!) so we shared with her CodeBrave curriculum and teaching resources!

Today, Rawan is a tech tutor and leader. This summer, she was accepted to TechGirls, an exchange programme run by the US State Department. The programme flies young girls from around the world to the US to empower and inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. “I met many amazing women and got to hear their stories. Now, I am aware of the challenges of girls in tech but I will embrace them and not feel ashamed of failure. The tech field doesn’t terrify me anymore. However, Lebanon has so many talented girls that still fear tech. I want to change that!”

That’s why Rawan is working on a community project to break taboos and stereotypes through tech literacy. With the support of the US embassy, she will be collaborating with her school and other non-profits in Lebanon to introduce girls to tech, AI, and future career options.

“CodeBrave’s Web Dev Programme reassured me that I belong in tech. Without it, I would have still distanced myself from the field and felt limited. I wouldn’t have had the chance to make a change in my community. Most importantly, I wouldn’t be confident enough about my abilities!”


Rawan’s journey is why we do what we do at CodeBrave. We loved getting to know such a determined young student and witness her grow into a confident leader ready to take on the world.

Visit our Get Involved page for more details of how to support students like Rawan.

One of Rawan’s early projects

Rawan’s testimonial

When the CodeBrave team first came into my school’s lab with Miss May, they asked each of us to introduce ourselves and share our future plans. Back then, a few girls from my school joined, but CodeBrave made me feel included despite not having enough information or clear future plans. So, the sessions about design and web development started, and I enjoyed it as my efforts were appreciated by the team. Now, after the workshops, my school’s lab motivates almost all girls at my school to dive into the tech field. The fact that I felt immediately included in the community helped in changing my mind about pursuing learning to code. Although I was a bit nervous in the first session that none of my friends were with me, the teacher and the team made it feel comfortable and that’s when I realised that I do have a chance to try more in the field.

Before discovering coding, my ability to analyse and perceive problems around me was limited. While learning, I understood what logic really is and implemented it in my daily life. Even when my school was closed due to strikes, I could still think logically, participate in other programmes like TechGirls and MUN, and enjoy my CodeBrave classes!”

“From stumbling upon the registration form by coincidence to nearing the end of the programme with many skills, I consider this my favourite coincidental adventure!