Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education

Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education

Published on 02/08/2022

Teaching kids from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon the language of the future

The last years highlighted the life-changing impact of having digital skills and being able to access education and work online. That’s why tech education is more important than ever now. That’s why we’re also sharing with you the top 3 benefits of coding education!

Young people everywhere can use coding and tech to pave the way forward. Since 2018, CodeBrave has been teaching disadvantaged kids in Lebanon coding, the language of the future. Our aim is to power Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills.

With the help of our supporters, we have so far  helped 590 children start building their future by equipping them with the right skills. Understanding how to use the most common software platforms will allow them to secure decent remote jobs and participate in the global economy from Lebanon in order to rebuild the country.

How exactly?

Here are the top 3 benefits of coding education

1- Coding Teaches Kids How to Think

In the words of Steve Jobs, “everybody […] should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think”. Studies suggest that 1 month of coding/tech activities equates to 7 months of standard activities for the development of executive functioning in children’s brains. Coding also teaches how to solve problems and ‘fail upwards’. It’s training in an entrepreneurial mindset.

Top 3 benefits of STEM Education

2- Coding Knowledge = Better Jobs

Digital literacy expands employment options to international job markets, particularly within a growth sector.

This is particularly why we reach out to youth in Lebanon who don’t have access to this type of education and provide them with it.

3 – Coding Leads to a Lifelong Love of Learning

How we teach is decisive in whether children end up developing a lifelong love of learning or seeing it as something inflicted upon them. And this doesn’t only apply to tech. At CodeBrave, we use a project-based approach that spikes children’s curiosity and confidence. We also allow students to play their way to greater knowledge through robotics and games. This encourages a lifelong love of learning of all subjects.

Final words

When we grew up, no one probably told us about the importance of digital skills. We just learned the basics of working on a computer. STEM education certainly didn’t enjoy much popularity. Or maybe, we had the misconception that it is strictly for geniuses and a select group of people.

But today, with fast-moving technology, we know that everyone can and should have digital skills. So, it’s the least recommended that we put children through the same education choices we had. 

We should not only encourage kids and youth to try coding but also give them access to it. STEM education increases future opportunities, no matter who you are, where you come from, and what you want to become.

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