From playing games to building them

From playing games to building them

Published on 12/07/2022

“I was really proud…I felt like I had created something bigger!”

Meet Omran, a residential student at Dar Al Awlad

Omran is a 17-year old living with his brother in Dar Al Awlad, a shelter near Beirut alongside 20 other children who don’t have families to live with. He has always been passionate about video games.

I spent so much time watching the behind-the-scenes of video games. It’s really stunning!

When Omran found out that coding is behind it all, he really wanted to learn how to do it.

From playing games to building them

When CodeBrave teacher Hani started running our SuperCoder coding classes at the shelter, Omran jumped at the chance. He’s now gone from playing games to building them.

“The thing I’ve done in coding I was really proud of was a program that detects if a number was even or odd. It was simple but I was proud of it. I felt like I had created something bigger!”

Omran is also learning to build websites using coding languages like HTML and Python.

“The last project we did [this school year] was how to make a one-page website using HTML. I’m pretty excited [about learning to create our own websites]. I want to make one for my school. That’ll be nice!”

More about our project at Dar Al Awlad

CodeBrave started giving coding and robotics classes on a weekly basis at Dar Al Awlad at the end of 2021. Click here to learn more about our work there.

If you are moved to contribute to our charity in Lebanon, please head over here. You can also donate old digital devices, tech in-kind services as well as your time to help CodeBrave Lebanon power Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills.