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We Are CodeBrave

We are CodeBrave


You might think what’s so brave about code? Let us tell you!

Meet Ali*, a 16-year-old with the reading skills of a second-grader. Ali knew he was behind, and it frustrated him to feel so. While others thought he was lazy, CodeBrave believed he simply needed the proper opportunity to prosper.  Ali lived in a shelter, and when he started attending school again, he joined CodeBrave.

He learned the basics of block-coding, HTML, and CSS and accomplished two WordPress websites with his teacher. He never wanted to become a web developer, but the opportunity to learn something new motivated him. Today, Ali works in a factory, and his employers praise his work ethic. He lives in his own apartment and is learning to manage his life like a young adult.

We love this story because it shows how tech education can change lives in different ways. Even if students didn’t work in the technology field later on, they can still use the principles they learn at CodeBrave, such as responsibility, communication, and teamwork, on any path they choose.

That’s Ali’s story but it’s just one of many.

It’s exactly why we created CodeBrave.

To give access to children and youth like Ali who come from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon the chance to quality education, to equal chances, to a decent future.

CodeBrave is a non-profit that works to create lasting social change in Lebanon through tech education.

Why tech education? Because we firmly believe that digital literacy is essential for young people to participate and thrive in the 21st century.

We offer our programme at Lebanese schools and NGOs supporting children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. All our teachers use our child psychology-informed teaching methodology to help students to achieve their full potential. Here is how it work:

  1. We teach our students digital literacy, problem-solving and self-teaching (output)
  2. Our students are empowered to improve their and their families lives (outcome)
  3. We enhance the future and create exportable jobs, strengthening the Lebanese economy (goal)

At Stage 1, 12-15 year olds develop digital literacy, problem-solving and logic.

At Stage 2, we identify motivated students to join our Step-Out programme, where they learn and self-teach marketable web development skills and crucial soft skills.

CodeBrave’s slogan is “Let them write the script of their tomorrow” because we believe access to quality tech education empowers young people to choose their own futures.

Code makes them brave!

Learn more about what we do here and check out other stories of children and youth like Ali that you could be supporting.