Lebanese children need access to quality education now more than ever! Help them build their future with tech skills.

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Lebanese children are all talented. Help us bring them equal access to opportunity and promote brain gain, not brain drain.

CodeBrave combines the power of campaigning, education, and innovation to create long lasting change to ensure that every child has the best start in life, a safe place to learn, and the right skills for the future.

  • >1500 Hours Of Training
  • 49% Of Students Were Young Women And Girls
  • 40 games developed by our students
  • 594 Students Aged 7-21 Gained Coding, Robotics & Digital Skills
  • 50 websites built by our students

Check out our latest impact report here to learn more about what we do in Lebanon.

Tech education changes lives

Create long lasting change alongside kids and communities

Coding and soft skills for children from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon

The situation for the most marginalised people in Lebanon continues to deteriorate. How do we prevent a lost generation of children? Through the power of tech education!

Since 2018, CodeBrave delivers coding and robotics classes for children and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon. Our education programme, delivered in collaboration with under-resourced schools and shelters, allows students to unlock big change – in their lives, communities and the world around them, through tech and soft skills.

tech education can save lebanon's next generation

Latest updates

Dar El Awlad
SuperCoder at Dar El Awlad

We started with SuperCoder at Dar El Awlad, a course that teaches kids coping mechanisms to take care of their physical and mental health.

CodeBrave Scholars Pilot Programme
CodeBrave Scholars Pilot Programme

In the CodeBrave Scholars pilot programme, 7 youth with great promise received a solid foundation in coding and critical thinking skills.

Code Today Create Tomorrow - Marj & Tariq Jdideh
Code Today, Create Tomorrow in Marj and Tariq al Jdideh

In our Marj and Tariq al-Jadideh centres, 132 students aged 11-12 years are learning coding and robotics through our Foundational STEM curriculum.

Website development for teens
Website Development for Teens

Meet Amer who’s celebrating a Fully-Fledged website for a first real client following lessons about coding and website development for teens with us.

Top 3 benefits of STEM Education
Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education

We teach kids from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon the language of the future. Read why in our “Top 3 Benefits of Coding Education” list!

Coding builds children’s problem-solving skills and confidence
Coding Builds Problem-Solving Skills and Confidence

Coding builds problem-solving skills and confidence and here’s how! Hear it from Malak, a CodeBrave Lebanon coding student!

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